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Stock and Trade
Rio Paso Music Publishing is a BMI affiliate, commenced in 2001, and recently reorganized to promote the material of our songwriters. Rainbow Tiger Music is our ASCAP affiliate. We are based just outside Seattle, Washington, in the creative and picturesque enclave of Gig Harbor. Currently three songwriters are principals, with more coming aboard soon.

We are about songs with mind and heart. Intelligently crafted lyrics entwined in memorable, original melodies are our hallmark. Melody matters here. We are not interested in cookie-cutter melodies, or, for that matter, banal or cliched lyrics.

Our genres (so far) are adult contemporary, pop, rock, country, alt-country, indie rock, children's music... with a couple of holiday songs thrown in the mix.

Our team has been around the block. Not that we aren't interested in working with your teen heartthrob, but most of our songs have a maturity born of experience, often painful, sometimes funny, but always revelatory and open to a deeper philosophical or spiritual perception of the world.

The creation is usually only as soulful as the creator. We think we have some great material here. Actually, we think we have standards awaiting discovery. But you be the judge of that.

Let us know what you think. Get in touch.

Note: Some of our songs have been commercially released previously, but none available here has yet achieved much exposure. So these are brand new, fresh songs as far as the public is concerned. We hope you find a match here that will make magic.

Custom Songwriting
If you have a project that needs a specific approach, lyrically and/or musically, let our team take a shot at it. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rio Paso Music Publishing, Seattle, WA
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